picture of Clifton carving a figure in wood

Nova Scotia artist Clifton Sears

Clifton began selling his carvings in the early nineteen seventies. He became well known along the south shore for works depicting local fishermen.

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Currently working on ...

Update Feb 13

Been busy trying to improve how I make copies of the little lobster pot Christmas trees, and not posting much. It is a boring process.

But I have made some headway and now I would like to get back to doing some original work. I am beginning a ceramic piece I may enter in a juried showing for a gallery.

It will be an old lobster trap that is resting on a log and is overgrown with bushes. A little wildlife and some flowers will be thrown in for good measure. It should prove to be an interesting challenge.

beginning a sculpt of an old lobster trap overgrown in the bushes

In the Spotlight ...

A Fisherman grabs a lobster that came up hanging on the outside of the trap.

Looks like a jumbo too!

A fisherman grabs a lobster that was hanging off the outside of the trap when he pulled it out of the water. Limited edition. Cast in hydrocal.

Lobsters can sometimes come up, hanging on the outside of a trap, even aboard modern boats that bring the trap quickly to the surface using hydraulic heists.


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