picture of Clifton carving a figure

Nova Scotia artist Clifton Sears - Bio

    Clifton began selling his carvings of lobster fishermen in the early nineteen seventies. Incorporating humour into historical scenes and current issues he became well known along the south shore.

     Wildlife themes were part of his work from the beginning. Figurative works and portraiture were added later.

    He has also evolved to work in other mediums, including stone, marble, ceramics, and pewter.

     He is self taught, although he reads, no studies, books and magazines in the fields of art composition, carving and sculpture. Also, travels to the United States, Norway, Germany, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and more recently Melbourne Australia, have exposed him to the works of other sculptors and artists.

Of course, there are many famous works and sculptors, here in Canada, that offer inspiration as well.

email -   carver@cliftonsears.ca
phone: (902) send e-mail request

PO Box 507
Barrington Passage
Nova Scotia, Canada,  B0W 1G0

gallery and workshop location:
55 Highway 330, unit 12
Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada

My gallery is located in a small strip mall, just before the Causeway to Cape Sable Island, beside JB's restaurant.

Here's whear I am at, old son.

Artist Statement

    Whether it is a light hearted caricature, or a serious contemplation, I really want to engage the viewer ... make them think.

I hope they will be encouraged to mentally complete the story, fill in the gaps, or at the very least, identify with the concept.

I like a lot of variety in subject matter, medium, and composition.

Future Plans

    I want to finish up the gallery, set up my studio and get back to selling my work, of course.

I enjoy custom orders and commissioned portraits, as they often challenge me to try something new, but I may not do a lot of them.

Some things I would like to do include ...
A serious stone carving for public display. Perhaps to do with fishermen lost at sea.
And perhaps a detailed portrait or two of well known people in the Atlantic provinces. I did one of Sydney Mahaney, Shelburne dory builder, with realistic face and folk art body, and someday, I might like to do more realistic studies.


    Credits include one man shows in the several Nova Scotia Galleries and museums. He has been featured in local newspapers, The Shelburne Coast Guard and The Yarmouth Vanguard, many times over the years.

wood carving of Sydney Mahaney, dory builder He has a commissioned portrait carving of Sydney Mahaney, dory builder, on permanent display at the Shelburne Dory Shop Museum. Pictured on the right

There is a larger image in the portrait gallery

He was awarded a one year self-employment grant, to help him pursue his art, and has won prizes from local art and carving competitions.

wood carving of Basil Blades, Fish Processor

He has carved tribute portraits of locally prominent people including Basil Blades.

On the left.

Stone dog monument

He was commissioned to create a stone monument of a life sized newfoundland dog for display in the War Memorial Park in Bass River. The theme is titled "Forgotten Heroes".

wood carving of Terry Fox, Canadian Hero for cancer

He was also chosen to carve a portrait figure of Terry Fox which was presented to his parents when they were down for our annual run.

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