picture of Clifton carving a figure in wood

Nova Scotia artist Clifton Sears

Clifton began selling his carvings in the early nineteen seventies. He became well known along the south shore for works depicting local fishermen.

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Currently working on ...

Update Dec 17

I have designed a Lobster pot Christmas Tree Ornament. For those who may not know, many maritime communities build a lobster trap Christmas tree and place buoys on it with the names of fishermen who died at sea. The lighting of the tree is also a tribute to fishermen past.

Lobster Trap Christmas Tree

I sculpted an original, in modeling clay, based on the square wire traps used locally. It has a scroll embedded in it and I plan to offer it personalised with a name and dates. Below is the ceramic clay ornament ready to coat with clear glaze and fire.

Lobster Trap Christmas Tree

In the Spotlight ...

Fisherman Santa with Sleigh and seagull pulling it.

"Fisherman Santa"

Now you know how he really gets that sleigh in the air!

Although this was made a long time ago I always liked the idea, and I plan to revisit the theme some day.

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