Clifton Sears Sculptures

Carvings and Sculpture by an artist from Nova Scotia, Canada

in the spotlight …
a lobster fisherman with a trap on his back, small ceramic sculpture

"Backin' Up Traps"

recent YouTube Videos on my methods

"Backin' Up Traps"
final steps

Crying Ballerina
Follow Up

Updates on recent events …

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you came here as a link to a carving instruction, I no longer display that on my web site. Instead you can look for my stuff on or you can follow along with my weekly YouTube videos.
  • I just completed the small fisherman sculpture “Backin’ Up Traps”, featured above. It is the second ceramic one I have made that is quite detailed.
  • I made a reproduction of “Working Man” in ceramics. The wharf is also ceramic but it was made by hand. My next chore is to make a mold for the wharf. I will be switching over to ceramics for most of my reproductions now. I will gradually move away from hydrocal. 
  • I have begun work on the apartment side of the renovation. Although I will be very busy, I do plan to continue doing some carving and sculpting and uploading YouTube videos of my methods.