Clifton Sears at his old roadside studio

About Me

My early works were mostly about the local fishery and were carved in wood. I included humor and actual events into my scenes and became well known along the south shore.

     Wildlife themes were part of my work from the beginning. Figurative works and portraiture were added later.

    Over time I began to work in other mediums, including stone, marble, and ceramics.

     I am self taught, although I read books and articles on art composition, carving and sculpture.

I got to travel a little to the United States, Norway, Germany, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and more. Recently a trip to Melbourne Australia allowed me to see the public sculptures here.

Of course, there are many public sculptures right here in Canada, and I have enjoyed seeing them whenever I can.

Clifton working on a painting

Working on an ink and wash scene depicting a local wharf.

Even though my work has evolved and changed over the years, I still have some of the same ideals I started with.

I often like to tell a partial story and let the viewer complete it in their mind’s eye.

I hope to engage them in some way, cause a moment to pause and think a bit.

And / or … I try to make something that my intended viewer can relate to.


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