Clifton Sears carving with mallet and chisel

Clifton Sears Sculptures

Who the heck is Clifton Sears? ...

           I began selling my wood carvings in the early nineteen seventies. I became well known along the south shore of Nova Scotia for works depicting scenes related to the local fishery.

Today I work in marble, stone, and ceramics as well as wood. My themes have expanded to include wildlife, portrait figurines, and abstract works.

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     Whether it is a lighthearted caricature, or a serious contemplation, I really want to engage the viewer .  I hope I can make them think about the scene.

     I like it if they feel encouraged to mentally complete the story, fill in the gaps, or at the very least, identify with the concept.

I like variety in subject matter, medium, and composition.

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Been busy ...

... I have not been posting and keeping up with things.
As Covid came knocking I got involved with a large project. I closed shop and put aside my sculpture for a while.
But, I will soon be back to making more regular posts and keeping my gallery open.
Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to contact me through e-mail.


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