Local culture, spirit of the people, beauty of nature.

As a kid I liked colouring, drawing, and painting.

As a young man, I liked carving and sculpting.

And now that I’m getting up there in years …

Well, I guess I’m still at it.

– Clifton Sears

About the Artist

Artist Statement

Whether it is a light hearted caricature, or a serious contemplation, I really want to engage the viewer … make them think. I hope they will be encouraged to mentally complete the story, fill in the gaps, or at the very least, identify with the concept.

I like a lot of variety in subject matter, medium, and composition.

I enjoy custom orders and commissioned portraits, as they often challenge me to try something new, or present an image in a manner I may not have tried on my own.

About the Artist

Artist Bio

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Clifton began selling his carvings
of lobster fishermen in the early nineteen seventies.
Incorporating humour into historical scenes and current issues he
became well known along the south shore. Wildlife themes were also part of his
work from the beginning. Abstract figurative works and portraiture were added to his
repertoire as the years went by. More recently he has included works in marble and stone and
now offers cast reproductions of some of his work.

He is self taught, although he reads, or rather studies, books and magazines in
the fields of art composition, carving and sculpture. Also, travels to the United States,
Norway, Germany, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen, have exposed him to a few works of other sculptors and artists.

Credits include one man shows in the several Nova Scotia Galleries
and museums, with a commissioned portrait carving on permanent display at
the Shelburne Dory Shop Museum. He was awarded a one year self-employment
grant, to help him pursue his art, and has won prizes from local art and carving

He currently owns his own Gallery and workshop, which is located in Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia.

About the Artist

A Little About Me

Father, Grandfather and sometimes pain in the side of my better half.

Barrington High School, University of Acadia. Correspondence at U. of Waterloo and U. of Toronto. Math, Biology, and Process Engineering. No degrees.

In my father’s boat at age 8. Left fishing in 1976 to work at Protan. Alginate extraction. Became production manager. 

In 1998 went to Kenney and Ross. Gelatin extraction. Shift lead hand.

Own a small rental business, security for my retirement.

And, of course, the gallery and workshop. My retirement gift to myself.